7’8” RV pintail. PU/PE construction

The fabled Backdoor Cutback board. Made even more legendary since like its cousin 7’3”, it wore no sponsorship stickers - just a subtle MC logo near the tail. The images of Tom riding it were incredible as they were, but magnified themselves in the surf-culture imagination thanks to the implied freedom from commercial control. Put simply, this board is pure magic.


6’0” RV squashtail. EPS/epoxy construction.

“Nobody could touch me on this board,” TC reckoned, and proved it by thrashing Kelly Slater at Hossegor on the young superstar’s first full tour year.


6’3” RV squashtail. PU/PE construction

The first true Reverse Vee board, made from a distorted blank that caused Maurice to adapt by cutting vee into the nose and center line and flattening the tail. Tom claimed it as perhaps the best board he’d ever ridden; it took Maurice months to figure out why.


6’9” pintail. PU/PE construction

The freak one-off board made after Tom had a bad surf at solid Hossegor and wanted something to match the waves. Curren took this board into battle in 1990 and won two of the first three events of the year - Santa Cruz and Bells Beach - on it, laying the foundation for his trials-to-title world championship win.


7’3” RV small squashtail. PU/PE construction

Used by Tom on the final day at Haleiwa 1991 to get his first and only tour win in Hawaiian waters. The board had a chequered ride to the lineup after Tom left it behind at his Kuilima condo that morning and MC broke every driving law in Hawaii to retrieve it in time for the semis. Later made even more waves during Tom’s first visit to JBay.


8’3” pintail. PU/epoxy construction

Used by Tom at Sunset Beach in the Hawaiian winter of 1989, this was the first board Maurice made for the reclusive star. It stunned Curren, who found he could get hold of big Sunset in a way denied to him in the past.