A board for every day.

Designed for Waves 1 – 8ft.

This design was born out of desire to create a surfboard design that would work as a single a quad and a thruster , so Roark could travel the world with a one board quiver. Rip it up on a thruster , ride barrels as a quad and surf down the line waves as a single , when ya want to cruise...

It has single concave , with a hard edge nose to tail so there is constant speed , with a spiral vee off the tail, and a very low rocker which makes it a very good paddling board...will work from knee high to big barrels , check out the webisode where nate Zoeller from Roark revival puts the board thru all its design attributes... The shiva comes in sizes from 5' 4" - 8'0" for big blokes

Very good. I had another fun lil surf on it a couple of days ago, just a three fin set up, just flowing a few turns together, it connected better than a 2x1 - felt like the front edges were more in play. Really does have that more of a “play” feeling! Nick Carroll

Roark & MC collaboration.

MC on the Shiva.

Real Water Sports Review.


5'10" x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4


6'9" x 22" x 3 1/2

x x x x

6'0" x 20 1/2 x 2 3/8

Roark Shiva Special x x x x

Roark Art Series - Shiva