The board that changed everything.

Designed for Waves 2ft plus. In 1990 Tom Curren and I started a surfing/shaping relationship that resulted in Tom winning the World Title from trials to World Champon a quiver of boardsthat I shaped ranging from 6’ – 8’3”.

The following winter I received a container of pre-shapes that had been incorrectly packed, which created a lot more curve/lift than the original program. In trying to take the Vee out between the fins I actually (a happy accident?) shaped Vee under the front foot and nothing between the fins. This was the exact opposite of what the theory had been to date, ‘Big Vee between the fins allows you to roll side to side.’ The Reverse V disproved the old ‘V’ between the fins, and the result was the EEV was a much faster surfboard that when put on rail would carve at higher speeds.

The EEV design was widely accepted as a breakthrough that allowed faster on rail surfing. Tom went on to win his first and only win in Hawaii on the now famous logo-less, yellow railed board, made immortal in the famous Tom Servais cutback shot at Backdoor.

TC on the Reverse V

The Reverse V Project - a partnership with Tom Curren.

The RV Project re-creates one of the greatest quivers in modern surfing history: six magic surfboards, built for Tom between 1990 and 1992. Tom and I have rebuilt the quiver series, exactly matching the designs, coloring and materials of the magic six, and offer them in an exclusive numbered collector’s package, along with a detailed, personally signed and numbered Coffee table book, a historical account of how our unique collaboration in France, sparked a revolution in modern board design.