Reverse V Show Hits Hossegor


Last month saw Maurice and Tom’s road trip roll into MC’s old stomping ground - Hossegor in South West France. It’s a town and a surf zone full of memories for both of them. So many incredible waves, so much surfboard magic.


The pair hosted a special evening at Rip Curl’s Technical Store, where they showcased MC’s prototype version of the Magic Six collector’s board package and gave everyone a sneak preview of the boards-and-book RV Project itself.

Next morning Tom took a couple of the highlight boards - the 7’3” and 7’8” - on to the WSL’s CT Morning Show and showed them off to a very receptive fan base of event commentators. They all have memories of the Curren trials-to-title win and the time encapsulated in the RV Project, when surfing turned toward a new era in performance and design.

MC also took some time to chase down Kelly, who’s hard at work on one of the forewords for the Project book. No-one’s been more inspired by the TC/MC partnership than KS, though it did cost him a heat or two back in the day!

Richard Cooke