Reverse V at the Boardroom show


Visitors to Boardroom this weekend (May 16- & 17, Del Mar, California) will get to preview an epic collector’s opportunity - along with meeting a couple of the biggest names in the sport.

The RV Project is planning to re-create one of the greatest quivers in modern surfing history: six magic surfboards, built for Tom Curren by Maurice Cole between 1990 and 1992.

With these boards underfoot, Tom set off to win his legendary trials-to-Title world pro surfing championship, and followed it up with his singular Hawaii tour victory at the Hawaiian Pro in 1991 at Haleiwa - the beach where he’d first begun to learn to surf, decades beforehand. Later that season, Curren set the quiver in stone when he performed what many experts consider to be the finest single surfing turn ever - a magnificent full rail cutback at Backdoor Pipeline. In the process, Maurice developed the reverse vee rocker design, turning convention on its head and opening the door to the high performance magic of the ‘90s and beyond.

MC has held onto a number of the boards from that extraordinary quiver, and has detailed measurements and design instructions tucked away in his personal surfboard diary. He plans to rebuild the quiver series, exactly matching the designs, coloring and materials of the magic six, and offer them in an exclusive numbered collector’s package, along with a detailed, personally signed and numbered historical account of TC, MC, and how their collaboration sparked a revolution in modern board design.

Tom and Maurice will be at the Boardroom show together to introduce the RV Project, along with THE board from that incredible cutback - a fantastically slick 7’8” pintail that you’ll have to see in order to believe.

For more details of the RV Project, come visit TC and MC at Boardroom

Richard Cooke