Shred time stories

Surf Europe magazine

Legendary shaper and France pioneer recalls classic moments from French surf lore. They say if you remember the 90's you weren't there.

Well that's not strictly true. I remember them pretty well actually (it's this morning/what I came into the room for that I have trouble with) and so does Maurice Cole. And he was definitely there... well, here. France, we mean.

Having arrived here in 1980 for the World's event, Maurice got shacked off his dial at empty Graviere for a decade or so, and did one or two notable things with surfboard design. Among them was coming up with the reverse vee design that Tom Curren won the 1990 ASP World Title with, the infamous logoless Haleiwa board, as well as shaping some very fine equipment for Mark 0cchilupo.

We caught up with MC board at Surf 0dyssey in Capbreton early this November for the latest episode of Shred Time Stories, and were mighty glad we did.

Richard Cooke