Barton Lynch - Maldives

Right now Holly, Lion and I are in the Maldives thanks to The Perfect Wave and have just spent over a week on the Carpe Vita cruising the atolls with some amazing surf and great crew. Now we've settled into the Kandooma Resort where we can access waves from the island with guides and the lucky guests on our trip. I'm often asked what gear I take on these surf trips, so I've put together what I've brought with me this time.

5'10 Maurice Cole Metro
6'0 Maurice Cole Protow
6'4 Maurice Cole Protow

Future Fins JJFs (small)
Hurley Boardies
Long Sleeve Rashie
Komunity broad brim and peak surf hat
Komunity BL signature deckpads (so now I don't need to take wax or have to worry about changing it up on my boards when I travel between water temperatures!)

You don't need to take much to the Maldives all you need is boardies, shorts, and tees. It's the start of the southern storm season right now and at this time of year, the weather changes a lot in one day. There are crowded areas in the North Male / Central so this year we took the boat down south to the areas that we haven't been before.

The waves in the Maldives are actually perfect; plenty of lefts, rights and it's so idyllic looking. You can just sail around the corner and find more waves that adapt to the wind. that makes the region so versatile. You don't need to have big waves to have a perfect experience, but you do get a bit of wind so you just need to know when to go where and duck around the wind. It's really stinking hot too so it's important not to bring everything you've got in the way of sun protection. The Perfect Wave set up really good trips for all abilities. Main breaks can get a bit crowded but it truly is an amazing spot for everyone.


Richard Cooke