Ordering a board from us is pretty easy. Basically, a surfboard isn’t something that you can order without first talking to the shaper and discussing your particular requirements. After all, it’s you who’s riding the board, not us. It’s also important to be realistic when directing what your board specifications should be – we’re not all turning like Margo, and we can’t all skip through flat sections with the spring of Slater — so let’s get real and talk about whats going to work FOR YOU!

Best thing to do to get the ordering process underway is give us a call or email us with a bit of a heads up to what you’re thinking and what you are riding etc. We’ll have your details to get back to you asap if we’re in the water or out to lunch. Let’s get shaping!

To place an order we require a few details before we get underway to give us a better idea of what to shape you. Please fill out the form and we will respond to you via either an email.


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