Hipster T

Wave Size Guide
Designed for Waves 0 – 4 Foot

new small wave specialist

This is my version of the various Potatoes – conceived over a bottle of French Red. Matty Biolos pulled up the EEV bottom line, we tweaked it with a spicy concave between the fins, made it a 5 fin set up with a wide SWAT tail and Voila! We have a short wide hot rod of a surfboard that is great from toe high to… to as high as you can boost it!!

The new Hipster-T answers the request for a fishy, grovel type board that still turns and surfs tight in the pocket.

This board was born from demand. MC’s new Metros and Hetros have been blazing paths and surfers have been stoked with them. Now they want a groveler or fishy type board and asked Maurice to come up with something to fit the bill. Enter the Hipster-T! When you first look at this board, it strikes you as a cross between a …Lost Round Nose Fish and a Bottom Feeder. It’s got the wide point forward, pulled tail look of the RNF, but on steroids like a Bottom Feeder. There’s outline and rocker curve to the board so it doesn’t sit dead flat on the floor like most of the grovelers out there. This is kind of like a mix of both of these boards again. Curvy like the RNF, flatter like the Bottom Feeder.

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Hipster T Review

You’re looking for something to ride the grovel train but you don’t want to give up turning.